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Offering the finest Freshwater and Saltwater fishing lures available from:
Optimum Bait Company
AAWorms "The Lunker's Choice"
AAT "Advanced Angler Technology" Biodegradable  Fishing Lures
Sakana "A Leader in Quality Jigheads"
deps "Legend to be kept" both quality and performance are real.

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AAWorms Fishing Lures
Double Diamond
Designed for performance. The most innovative action yet! 
The BLT offers a unique and simple way to be rigged.

A Wide Profile Weedless Swimbait!!
Tails of Optimum
These tails feature high detail and are fully decked out with gills and dorsal fins. 
Fishing Lures not for Fishing?
Suspending  Series
The IDEAL searchbait!
Original Optimum
There is something about the Original that makes it the Best!
Monster Series
An in your Face style of  baits!!
Furbit Series
Different is Good! Experience the Difference
Crashing Thunder
Bringing a whole new definition to the term SLOW ROLLING a SPINNERBAIT!
Ambitious Buzz
Be More AMBITIOUS this summer!
O B Minnow
Wake the big ones up with the OB Minnow

Ima gets their name from the first three letters of “IMAgination”. They dominate the Japanese saltwater brands because of their unique designs and excelent color selection. Check out their latest models today!
Known throughout Japan as the BIG FISH lure manufacturer. These Japanese manufactured baits are a must for all anglers who demand the best out there!
There is no wrong way to fish a worm! “INCHI Wacky” AKA the Jighead Wacky.

Baby 'Pus
Designed to fish break walls, jetties, bluffs or rock piles.
Twin Tail Shrimp
Designed to be to bounced off hard sand or clay bottoms, and works well along steep walls.
Monarch Grub

The Monarch Grub Series is the big brother of the Single Tail Shrimp.
Single Tail Shrimp
Single Tail Shrimp is designed to flutter at all times, so on the fall or the retrieve, the tail is constantly twirling and displacing water.
The AA EELs were designed to fish either from a boat or shore and to be dragged or trolled.
Giant Sea Reaper
The Giant Sea Reaper is a Do-Nothing bait. It is designed to mimic sand dabs and to be dragged along the bottom doing nothing.
AA Slug baits are designed to fish when the fish become more active.
Shad Tail

Shad Tail when rigged with the appropriate jighead, the shad will swim with a tail kick and body roll.
Straight Tails
Strait  Tails are by far the ALL time favorite for western bass anglers.
A long time favorite by Southern California anglers.
Mini Curls
The mini curl series features a long skinny body with a flat bottom and round top tapered down to a curl tail.
When the bite becomes extremely pressured, do not panic, reach for the AA’s Finesse worm and your spinning gear.
Ridge Worm
When you want a finesse worm, the ridge worm is what you need.

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